Fixed Gear Crit

Wingedstore partnership announcement

We are happy to announce that as of today we have partnered with Wingedstore, the official online Cinelli store. Like us, Wingedstore believes in the fixed gear crit sport. Actually, the brand for which they are the official online store, Cinelli was one of the first global cycling brands to invest in the fixed gear crit racing. We feel honoured that the official online store of this iconic and legendary brand can be called our official partner from now on. We are especially thankful to both Wingedstore and Red Hook Crit as they are the first to commit and include themselves in our project. Through these partnerships, we as FGC have the chance to continue our mission which is to bring high quality fixed gear crit news, results, a crit calendar, interviews, background stories and more to you!
One concrete thing that already can be revealed is that we will come up with a custom FGC cycling cap to be sold via FGC and the Wingedstore shop. Until then, make sure to check the Wingedstore shop out and be amazed by their awesome cap, gloves, sock, kit designs and more!