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“We are racing for the win in both races” Aventon Factory Team ready for Red Hook Criterium London No.3

“The Intelligentsia and Specialized teams are the obvious favorites, and we may be considered outsiders, but I believe we can win. The entire men’s team was unhappy with the men’s race in Brooklyn. We didn’t go all the way to Brooklyn to get 7th, and we are headed to London to go for the win in both races” Sean Burke, Aventon Factory Team manager.
Although the Aventon Factory Team did not get what it wanted in the RHC BK 10 men’s race and had to go home with a disappointing 7th place in the , in the women’s race they have the leaders jersey to defend with Eléonore Saraiva.

The Aventon Factory Team line-up for Red Hook Crit London No.3:
The women’s team will be led by women’s RHC series leader Eléonore Saraiva. She will be joined by Sammi Runnels, and Kym Perfetto.
“ I would love to win, but I am very happy to be on the podium” Eleonore Saraiva
The men’s team will consist of Olivier Leroy, David Santos, Isaac Howe, Tristan Uhl, and Chris Tolley. Leroy and Santos have won several crits this year but so far the Red Hook Crit podium has proved elusive. Tristan Uhl was able to finish second place at Red Hook Crit Barcelona in 2016, the team’s best finish of the year. While the team found themselves on the podium several times last year, they haven’t won a red hook crit since winning the Milan RHC in 2015 with Colin Strickland. The team’s primary goal in London will be to get Uhl or one of the others riders across the line in first place. With a secondary goal of surpassing Team Specialized in the team competition.

“We’ve come close to pulling off the win at Redhook before and with the team we have for London I think we stand a great chance of getting that win we’ve been searching for.” –Tristan Uhl

“ We are racing for the win in both races. If we can keep Eleonore in in the leader’s jersey and the women’s team in the points lead, then that’s great. But those goals are secondary. For us, everything is about the win” – Sean Burke