Fixed Gear Crit

Wall Maremma Crit won by Poccianti

“After the big success of Fiorino Crit held in May in Florence during the Criterium Italia championship the city of Grosseto wanted their own fixed gear crit in the center of the city. Aldo ino Ilesic was the special guests invited by the Cykeln team and  animated the race from the beginning. Besides Aldo, the field was packed with other top Italian/world riders.
Text: Claudio Di Santo (edited by Brian Megens)
Photography: Massimo “piacca” Bacci

In the first 10 laps a breakaway was impossible as Aldo neutralised each attempt. At lap 12 a small group, Ilesic, the Poccianti brothers Martino and Marco, and Roberto Pagliaccia, forced a breakaway. They speed up the pace of the group creating a gap that in the beginning was about 10 seconds but in the 17th lap this gap gained to 40 seconds. In the breakway at the end only three riders keeped the pace of Ilesic: Martino Poccianti, Marco Poccianti and Ilesic himself.

In lap 18, Marco was exausted and then the final stared, first a sprint from Ilesic to ride away from Martino. Then at lap 19 Martino tried to escape from Ilesic, however no one could drop another. In the end they sprinted through the last corner and Martino could use his weapon, “the high rpm” cadence  to take the win.

That Martino Poccianti is ready for Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8 is clear, the question remains if Aldo is as strong as he can be.

1. Martino Poccianti – Cykeln divisione corse
2. Aldo Ino Ilesic -Specialized/Rocket espresso
3. Marco Poccianti – Cykeln divisione corse