Fixed Gear Crit

Vanotti and Fouquet win Tourn’us Crit II

The rainy circumstanced demanded all 100 riders to be on top of their game for the Tourn’us Crit. With all top French fixed gear riders at the start the competition was high. The narrow circuit in Tournus was made even harder due to the which suddenly appeared just before the qualifications. Despite the bad weather the riders bravely put up a great show for the spectators that were standing safely under their umbrella’s.

In the Women Race, Julia Fouquet rewarded herself with the win after a perfect race. She controlled the first breakaway of Eleonore Saraiva and Camille Udny to start a break-away with the same women later who she could beat in the sprint.

In the A Final, the pace was set high which demanded most of the riders on the slippery course. Half-way the race it was clear that the winner would be among the break-away consisting out of Olivier Leroy, Tim Ceresa, Paul Vanotti, Loic Jacob and Felix Lhenry. Olivier Leroy got taken out after a flat followed by a crash. Both Felix Lhenry (Team Look Criterium) and Tim Ceresa (8bar Team) crashed too. Tim finished the race 3rd with his drop bar broken while an amazing Paul Vanotti (Team Disorderly Habits) won the sprint in front of the young gun Loic Jacob who showed himself to the public 2 weeks ago in the Geneva Classic Crit with a 3rd place.

In the B final 3 riders made the break-away. Pierre Marie Greux from Paris (Team Random) won his first race, Kali Lagarde from Toulouse (Team Pierre qui Roule) finished 2nd and the local rider Louis Bondoux completed the podium taken the 3rd place.

Women Race

1 – Julia Fouquet (Team Fixie Warehouse)
2 – Eléonore Saraiva (Team Aventon Bikes)
3 – Camille Udny (Team Look Criterium)

Men A Race
1 – Paul Vanotti (Team Disorderly Habits)
2 – Loic Jacob
3 – Tim Ceresa (8bar team)

Men B Race
1 – Greux Pierre-Marie (Team Random)
2 – Kali Lagarde (Team Pierre Quiroule)
3 – Louis Bondoux