Fixed Gear Crit

van Eerd wins Amsterdam Purmerplein and increases his lead in NL Crit Series while de Graaf wins Women’s race

Thursday the 10th of may, on Ascension Day, it was time for the next race of the NL Crit Series. Once again it was a resurrected street criterium in Amsterdam, the Ronde van het Purmerplein. A really short course (850m!) with two hairpins on narrow streets it promised to be a challenging course for the riders.
Photography & Text: Merlijn Spenkelink

In the woman’s and men’s B race it was Olaf Wit who took the second lap prime by a landslide, also forcing a high pace in the first couple of laps. Because of the two hairpins people where dropping from the back throughout the race, creating an elite group of about 20 riders. Throughout the race there were several attacks, but because of fierce headwind it was hard to stay ahead. With a couple of laps to go Martijn Meijer went solo, but he got caught by Wil Bleeker inches from the finish. Wil Bleeker won ahead of Martijn, and Jos van der Linde finished third, grabbing his second podium in the last two races!

In the woman’s race it was Michelle de Graaf who went all in and grabbed the first prime, but after a while she had to give up her leading position, as she got dropped from the first group. Lisa Worner however stayed in the first group the entire race, until she was taken down by an unfortunate crash and also suffered a flat. Even though she could change her wheel at the finish, she was passed by Michelle de Graaf, who got first, and Nathalie Simoens who finished second. But despite a third place, Lisa Worner is the new leader in the GC!

In the men’s A field it was Cornelius Kersten, back from a winter of professional speed skating, who got the first prima after going full gas the first couple of laps. He also opened up quite a big gap together with Richard Jansen, but he had to let him go a couple of laps later. Even though Richard was solo in front of the peloton, the gap was stable for quite some time. But unfortunately for him he got caught with just two laps to go. On that moment, Luc Ducrot attacked, breaking away from the peloton together with Cornelius Kersten. David van Eerd bridged the gap to the front group and went on to win the race in front of Luc Ducrot, and Jan-Willem Groeneveld who came in third.

Podium Men’s A
1. Davíd van Eerd – Team WIT
2. Luc Ducrot – Team FAST
3. Jan-Willem Groeneveld – Team WIT

Podium Women’s
1. Michelle de Graaf – Squadra corse IRD
2. Nathalie Simoens – Team FAST
3. Lisa Wörner – Aventon Factory Team

Podium Men’s B
1. Wil Bleeker – Gaul!
2. Martijn Meijer – Sir Pete x Treshombres
3. Jos van der Linde – Team Trouble