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Ursus Crit 2017 video: Alvise Zanasca wins over Ivan Ravaioli. Baldi wins women’s race

The 3rd edition of the Ursus Crit in Trieste, Italy, held Saturday July 29th was definitely the fastest to date with average speeds of 46km/h and several strong riders fighting in the peloton. The track measured roughly 900mt with 6 really fast turns (5 left and 1 right). The clock stopped at 1:05 on the fastest lap by Alvise Zanasca.
Text, & Video:  Michele Colucci – Dead Cyclists Society
Photography: Djordje Jovanovic

It was also the largest field to date with top Red Hook Criterium teams participating: Desgena, Bahumer Racing Team, Bike Channel Racing Team, Team Cinelli Chrome, Ravens Fixed, Sea Hub and Picibici all sent riders to the race. Proof that the event is steadily growing, and rumours of a possible inclusion next year in the Criterium Italia crit series are very strong.

The women’s field was won by veteran Stefania Baldi of Team Desgena. For the entire race she intelligently worked with rider Anna Colloricchio of Team URSUS fxd, swapping positions in the lead to build a gap and then winning the final sprint. Slovenian Stella Baricic of Team Picibici finished 3rd.

In the men’s field, Team Bahumer triumphed again after Red Hook Crit London N.3 with Alvise Zanasca taking the win over Ivan Ravioli of Team Cinelli-Chrome and Gianni Bonaldo coming in 3rd. The peloton was soon split in half after a few laps, with a lead group headed by Zanasca and Ravaioli setting the pace and a following group of riders trying to reorganize and work together to bridge the gap. One rider, Simone Sandri of Team Eppinger, a regular amateur mtb athlete, actually did manage to bridge, finishing 9th. Another remarkable performance was made by triathlete Andrea Mauri who finished 6th: he had never raced a crit before and had only tried a breakless fixed gear twice a few days before the race!

Here’s Ivan Ravaioli’s impressions after the race: “Truly great event. I really wanted to be here since I had missed the previous two editions due to a very tight calendar. Trieste allowed for a wonderful day at the sea with my family as well. Regarding the race, I really focused on enjoying myself without taking useless risks.”

Trieste offered a truly breathtaking background with its Absburgic buildings facing the sea and its boats harbored in the nearby marinas. The circuit also unfolds around an open air bar which gathered most of the crowd. A perfect spot to enjoy the final turns of the race before the start/finish line.

Interesting side note: Ivan Ravaioli’s son tasted the race as well. We believe it was his first ever crit attempt. Beware, future crit riders!

Podium Men’s
1. Alvise Zanasca
2. Ivan Ravaioli
3. Gianni Bonaldo

Podium Women’s
1. Stefania Baldi
2. Anna Colloricchio
3. Stella Baricic

Michele Colucci
Dead Cyclists Society
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vimeo: michele colucci
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