Fixed Gear Crit

‘TRed Factory Racing’ brings several top track cyclists to fixed gear crit racing

This year, a new team with some very promising riders was founded, Tred Factory Racing. The team is an Italian fixed gear crit team with roots in track cycling. With Elena Valentini they already have a rider with Red Hook Criterium podium experience in their team as she got a 3rd place in Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8. TRed manufactured several custom track bikes for top track cyclists used on historical velodromes like ‘T Kuipke’ in Gent. For Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.11 they registered 3 male and 2 female riders. Although the team is Italian, they have various nationalities representing the team. In Brooklyn French rider Adrien Thomas (indeed the brother of UCI pro Benjamin Thomas), Argentinian Facundo Leciza, and Italian Marco Cecchinato will represent the male squad while Italian Elena Valentini and French rider Melanie Guedon will represent the female squad. Next to the riders that will be in Brooklyn, several other promising riders will race in the Tred Factory Racing jersey in the 2018 season.
Text: Brian Megens

2018 Tred Factory Racing Team Formation:
– Alex Buttazzoni (14 times national Italian track champion)

– Adrien Thomas (Sixday rider)

– Piergiacomo Marcolina (winner of the Italian team pursuit title with Alex Buttazzoni in 2014)
– Facundo Gabriel Lezica  (member of the Track National Team of Argentina, participated in the Six Days of Turin, and holds the national team pursuit record together with a National Time Trial Champion title U23)
Marco Cecchinato (former Bahumer and BikeChannel team rider)
Elena Valentini (3rd in RHC Milano no.8, and 3 times Italian CX Champion)

– Mélanie Guédon

– Claudio Campi (4 times national Italian track champion, a Paralympic class C3 athlete)

The team directors are Erica Marson and Romolo Stanco, the founders of TRed Bikes

The team will ride on a TRed Manaia track bike with some slight changes to make the bike more suitable for fixed gear crit racing.