Fixed Gear Crit

Transfer news: Team Stanridge goes American and signs 3 top US Crit racers

Stanridge just published their new signings for 2018. Brandon Feehery, Evan Hartig, and Jake Silverberg will represent Team Stanridge. All three are established names in the Criterium ranks in the United States. However, they have little to no experience in fixed gear crit racing and will all make their debut in the Red Hook Crit series this year. We briefly talked with Adam Eldridge, the man behind Stanridge.

“We’re all ready for the season and we want to see where we can get to working together. These three riders bring with them a sprinting and leadout skillset. All of the guys will develop together. I am establishing a group of bright young American riders at Stanridge. I have no doubt they are going to make a big impact” Adam says.

Feehery, 25, is one of the strongest criterium racers in the United States with 47 top 3 results in 2017. Being in the Crit-Life team in 2017, Brandon is familiar with stories of what it takes to compete in a Red Hook Crit “I love to mix it up in the sprints and bang bars with anyone. No matter what the situation I am in I will never back down from a fight.”

American Evan Hartig, 23, is the current USA national collegiate crit champion. Hartig has spent time on Borah Devo, Trek Devo and now Team Echelon. Hartig only has 1 goal for the fixed gear crits “I excel in sketchy and technical racing. I am a selfless diesel whose most valuable asset to a team is his unrelenting sacrifice for his teammates. I love formulating and carrying out a plan.”

Jake Silverberg, 21, a two-time Junior National Champion currently riding on the road for UCI Continental Team Project 303, brings many years of experience to the squad having competed in UCI 1.2, 2.2, and Professional National Championship events, & elite stage races in North America, South America & Europe. Silverberg said, “I take no opportunity or race for granted. My passion is Cycling, and I put 100% in to cycling day in, day out.”

It will be interesting to see how these 3 top US crit racers will hold up against the best fixed gear crit racers in the world. Their first test will be at the Mission Crit 5 in San Francisco on April 21. It remains unclear what will happen with 2017 Stanridge riders Robin Gemperle and Hayley Edwards.