Fixed Gear Crit

Transfer news: Aldo Ino Ilesic to leave Specialized-Rocket Espresso “I will not kiss anyone’s ass”

Aldo Ino Ilesic has been representing Specialized over the last 2 seasons wherein the last year Rocket Espresso was a co-title sponsor. In 2016 he formed a magical couple with Colin Strickland. With Aldo’s help, Colin won 3 out of 4 Red Hook Crits. On top of that, Aldo got 3rd in all 4 Red Hook Crits leaving him with an impressive 2nd place in the overall GC as well. However, the couple was separated early 2017 when Colin announced to start his own team. The year started off good for Aldo and the team. Aldo got a 3rd place in RHC BK No.10 while his team mate Stefan Schafer won the race. However, in London Aldo wasn’t present which sparked rumours about his future in the team and fixed gear crit racing as a whole. Today, Aldo confirmed to us with a clear statement that he will be leaving Team Specialized-Rocket Espresso, “For sure not Specialized. I will not kiss anyone’s ass.” Aldo also said that at the moment it is unclear how is fixed gear crit future looks like. As soon as we have more news on this we will update you.
Text: Brian Megens