Fixed Gear Crit

Top 5 rookies for Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.11 Men’s

Every year new riders with different backgrounds in cycling enter the fixed gear crit scene and try their luck at the Red Hook Criterium. Ivan Cortina is probably the best example. The UCI World Tour rider from Bahrain-Merida won his debut RHC, Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8. We summed up 5 RHC ‘rookies’ that might do wel, they could even surprise the whole field.

UPDATE Jake will not start RHC Brooklyn No.11
Jake Magee – Aventon Factory Team 

Jake is a former Australian national champion in flat track (motorsport) turned cyclist and for the last  few years has been racing crits in the US on the highest level where he left quite an impression. He will be part of the Red Hook Crit Team Champions, the Aventon Factory Team.

Michael Sheehan – Meteor X Giordana
Micheal Sheehan is a former UCI Continental cyclists for Jelly Belly who rode road races on the highest level in North-America and Asia. In Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.11 he will be the only team mate of RHC legend Colin Strickland. Sheehan will not have an easy entrance to the scene as the pressure is on as he is the only rider for Strickland to fall back on. Although a rider with so much experience on the highest level should be able to cope with it, Red Hook Criterium has proven to be a different beast entirely.

Brandon Feehery – Stanridge p/b Roley Poley
Brandon (aka Monk) was part of Team Crit-Life last year but only represented them in road cycling. This year he is in the strong Stanridge p/b Roley Poley team and next to him will be able to count on the power of 2 other strong RHC ‘rookies’ Jake Silverberg and Evan Hartig. Despite all riders making their RHC debut in Brooklyn No.11 this team might not have the experience in fixed gear crits, they do have the necessary power.

Bruno Langlois – Velo Cartel
Is the former Canadian National Road Champion (2016) and probably has the more experience in cycling than the 4 other RHC ‘rookies’ combined. Bruno has raced on the highest level in Europe, Asia, North-America, Africa and for the last years he focussed on racing crits in the US on the highest level. We are curious to see how Bruno and the rest of his Canadian team will do!

Adrien Thomas – T Red Factory Racing Team
Normally rides on the velodrome. He is a renowned Sixday rider and the brother of UCI Pro Benjamin Thomas. Thomas is part of the new Italian team T Red Factory Racing which brings several top riders from other disciplines into the fixed gear crit sport.