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Throwback: Red Hook Criterium London No.1 with photographer Matt Ben Stone

Red Hook Criterium London No.1 was held in 2015. The race location is notorious as it is one a construction site at Greenwich Peninsula. The uniqueness of this first edition was well captured by photographer Matt Ben Stone. Through his lens we look back one more time to the first Red Hook Criterium of London.
Photography: Matt Ben Stone

“These images are from the London edition of the race in Greenwich. This was slightly different to the usual cycling commission, as I was shooting the race from within a construction site, half of which, the course ran through. This is something that is pretty unique for any race circuit, and I believe to be special to the London leg of the event.

I was to be based within and create images of the race cutting through the unique situation that presented itself to the course. I had the opportunity to be in a location that was exclusively my own, which in a public race environment is almost unheard of, so I felt honoured and knew the content I created would be special, not only for myself but for the client too. My favourite location was in one of the high-rise buildings under construction, shooting from height to create ariel perspectives. I knew that the images had to be distinguishable from editorial race reportage and show the unique position I found myself and watched the race in. In order to get around the site I was fully kitted out in full protective gear hard hat and boots, making carrying all my gear slightly cumbersome. Here are the images, which I feel where definitely worth all walking up all those flights of steps.”