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The Pack rider Clément Ouimet (18) dies in tragic traffic accident

On Wednesday the 4th of October Clément Ouimet was hit by a car during a training ride in Montreal, Canada. Unfortunately, the 18 year-old rider from The Pack did not make it. Our thoughts go out to the family, friends, team members, and everybody that ever shared a ride or played ice-hockey with Clément. 

“A young cyclist was taken to a hospital in critical condition Wednesday after he was hit by a car that made a sudden U-turn near the Camillien-Houde Belvedere. Around 11 a.m., both the cyclist and the car were travelling down Camillien-Houde Way, a popular training route for cyclists because it provides a challenging climb up and over Mount Royal. As they passed the lookout, both descending, the vehicle suddenly made a U-turn, knocking the cyclist off his bike.” Montreal Gazette

Among his results this year were a 58th place in Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.10 and a 5th place in the IBike Crit which were very promising results for an 18 year-old. Unfortunately, we will never know what Clément would have been capable of.