Fixed Gear Crit

Team Fixedpott celebrates 5th anniversary with special kit & more

The German team, Fixedpott will exist 5 years in 2017. For this special occasion, the team will ride on Standert bikes in golden colours and of course golden podium slippers couldn’t be left out. For the kit, the team went for blue but has embedded the, for this year special, number 5 on it. Besides all this extra swag, the team attracted some new strong riders, Eike Haumann, the guy with probably the most swag of the whole fixed gear peloton, Tanja Erath, and Björn Holzapfel will provide the team with some extra power in 2017.

Team Fixedpott for 2017: Jörn Bucklitsch, Tanja Erath, Eike Haumann, Steffen Heimann, Jan Hoffmann, Björn Holzapfel, Thatchai Pinyou, and Stefan Reimer. The management, from which most also like to ride a bike whenever they can, consists of Paul Baluch, John-Sebastian Komander, Nils Laengner and Heike Schmitz.

The team will race the NL Crits, the new German Crit Series, the Rad Race events and other German and European races. A part of the team, Jan, Tanja, Nils and Eike will be off to New York in April to race the Red Hook in Brooklyn.