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Team Cinelli-Chrome 2017 with former UCI World-Tour rider?

Since Marius Petrache announced that he had to leave Team Cinelli-Chrome as they would go all Italian for the 2017 season, rumours on the team formation have been floating around on social media. The Cinelli-Chrome team seems to have been shaped and ready for the upcoming season based on several photos posted on public social media channels. The team can count on the former RHC series winner Ivan Ravaioli. However, the addition of Davide Vigano, a former UCI pro-cyclist who competed on the World-Tour level for 9 years with several Grand Tours and classics in his legs, is likely to draw the most attention in the season opener of the RHC 2017 series, Brooklyn no.10. In the women category Paola Panzeri will represent the team. Another addition is the transfer of Ignazio Moser coming from Bahumer Racing, and Paolo Bravini and Alessandro Bruzza will be staying in the team. We hope that Team Cinelli-Chrome comes with an official statement on the team 2017 formation soon to end all rumours. We will keep you updated.