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Tanja Erath in Final of Zwift Academy for a spot in the Canyon/Sram Racing team

Tanja Erath, the 28-year-old German who got 5th in the Red Hook Criterium 2017 series, made it to the semi-finals of the Swift Academy and together with two other competitors they left 2158 riders behind them and will battle for a spot in the UCI women’s team Canyon/Sram Racing. The next step will be a training camp wherein the finalists will spend some time with the team. We briefly talked with Tanja to find out more!

“I’m super excited! That’s more than I ever expected and I’m really looking forward to join a team camp. Guess that’s a once in a lifetime experience. I think I almost have to hold myself back not to be a weird “groupie” asking for autographs hahaha… Surely I would love to win the contract. It’s the best thing I can imagine right now. Going pro is a thing I always dreamed of. So this would be more than awesome to do such a step with this awesome and outstanding team of impressive women.”

“Regarding my preparation. I just continue my normal training routine. After the Zwift program and the semi-finals I feel quite fit anyways I think I’ve never pushed myself that hard. I had to do 6 of 7 quite challenging workouts in only five days because I was ill the first week plus I had my final exam. So that was super hard but already like a small training camp. As I triathlete I thought about going pro and take some time off too. But in the end, I guess I could never imagine being all by myself as an athlete. But with a team, Where it’s not all about you but the team, I guess I would fully find myself in that purpose.”