Fixed Gear Crit

Stefan Schafer joins Aldo’s squat ‘Critlife’ for RHC 2017 Series

Besides getting Carla Nafria onboard, critlife manager by rider Aldo Ino Ilesic did another remarkable signing by getting a Maloja Pushbiker in the team. Stefan Schafer, the strong German cyclist who was riding RHC for the Maloja Pushbikers last season showed the fixed gear scene what he is capable of when winning RHC Milano No.7  while starting from 82nd position, will be racing the RHC 2017 series in Aldo’s team. At the moment the team name is not public yet although it is expected that Specialized will be the main sponsor with possible a co-sponspor in the project. What we do know that with Aldo bringing in a strong team the RHC 2017 men series will be extremely competitive with 4 to 6 very strong teams that all are strong enough to battle for victory. Stay tuned as we will hunt for more info on Aldo’s team.
Update: RHC just released the starters list for RHC BK10 and the team name is Specialized/Rocket Espresso. For more info: Allez Allez-Specialized becomes Specialized/Rocket Espresso