Fixed Gear Crit

Schelenz is the King Rheinland

Besides Red Hook Criterium Barcelona No.5 and the Rad Race Crit Oostende, another crit took place in the first weekend of September. Around 25 Rider gathered in the fixed gear category of “King & Queen of Rheinland”, an established road bike race, together to ride 30km at a hilly course with 5 km rounds. The course consisted of two hills, with the finish line on top of one. Due to the long course, there was a long headwind section.

The riders field stayed together in the first three rounds with some riders trying to pace up at the front to see if the field reacts. In the fourth round it was Max Schelenz from Team Street Monkey who attacked on the second hill. The field was not sure how to react, because there were still 15 km to go. But as the gap expanded, Alex Worgitzki from Team Life is a Ride decided to have a try to catch up to the solo breakaway. Max Schelenz wasn´t willing to let him catch up and tried to hold the gap steady which succeeded with a first place after a 15km solo breakaway. Alex Worgitzki went for the second place with a comfortable gap to the bunch. There it was Thatchai Pinyou from Team Fixedpott who had the legs to bomb up the finish line hill for a third place. The only woman in the race, Suza Franke automatically crowned herself ‘Queen of Rheinland’