Fixed Gear Crit

#ScattoFissoCrew comes with new concept in Biringhello Crit won by Mariani

Just after Red Hook Criterium’s stage in Barcelona, Enrico Biganzoli, (aka Killer Biga) who’s also host of the famous Coppa Agostoni decided to organize a new Criterium. He first started with Experimentum crit held in Monza, in April, and now he surprised us with an excellent track, to be precise Biringhello A.S.D. which was unheard for us.
Text: Chris Leustean & Riccardo Volpe
Photography: Chris Leustean

#ScattoFissoCrew took the decision to have 2  qualification heats to better manage the race event and let the riders adjust to the  narrow turns. The qualifications had 15 laps and the first six riders to cross the finish line would advance to the main race.

Meanwhile in the final race, the format was absolutely new, the race was divided in two parts, solid 20 lap race with the first ten as a normal Criterium and the last ten as a typical elimination race like in a velodrome. This was absolutely fun to see and to ride because no one ever set up a final heat like this. Some riders had no experience with track races, this final was very tricky indeed, but not for Beppe Ravasio, who is a former World Champion (World Master Track in Manchester ’13) and did a great job in the finals aswell.

Men’s Podium
1. Alessandro Mariani
2. Daniele Rota
3. Luca Sacchetti

Paolo Bravini
Q: From the technical perspective, can you explain us how was the circuit and what difficulties you encountered, if you had any?
A: Yeah, sure. So, the circuit was composed by a big C, very fast in the first part, with successions of very tight turns who ended with a straight, just before the finish line there was the very tight hairpin. The biggest challenge was facing all those tortuos turns at high speed without getting off the track (which happened to some of us) although the asphalt had a good grip and there wasn’t any type of roadholding issues.

Q: What do you think about this new format?
A: I found this format very interesting, it allows everyone to have fun and it’s exciting for who races and even for the public. I really enjoyed seeing track disciplines and rules moved to the Criterium races, it’s a signal who, I hope, other organizers could catch because it’s thrilling and entertaining.

Giacomo Scottini:
Q: What were your expectations before racing this circuit?

A: As I saw on the photos, my first impression was very good and I seen it as a fast track.

Q: We heard that you had a problem.
Yeah, seeing the track in the photos I chose a big ratio, well, it was too big for this course because in the qualification races I had to stop and change my gears. With the tight turns I suffered a lot in decelerating and attacking, and that, in the final race caused me some ugly cramps. So, yeah… The race didn’t go as planned but I had a lot of fun.


Alessandro Mariani
Q: So, you won the race, can you explain your experience in a few words?

A: Fast and technical as others said. The circuit is 1.3kms long, the first part it’s relatively easy, with a long straight where you could reach high speeds then the track was getting narrower and there started the tight 90 degree turn series. Here, the ratio choosing was fundamental, I opted for an 47×14, the race was different from usual, 20 laps of qualifications before heading to the final, once in the final, with 10 laps left, it started the lap elimination method, every lap, the last rider would be disqualified, so everyone was fighting to stay in elimination method, every lap, the last rider would be disqualified, so everyone was fighting to stay in front so they could sprint with the last 2 riders for the podium.

Q: How were your last laps and obviously the finish line?
A: The last laps were very tense for me, because we were in three left. At that point we begun to check and keep eyes on others, to prepare for the best position until the last sprint. At the last 300-400 meters I started getting in front, at the hairpin my opponent tried to overtake me, but he pushed too much and ended off the track, a few meters left and I was on the finish line, alone, winning the race.

Riccardo Volpe
Q: Hi Riky! Have you got some words for us?
A: Hi, of course! I started my race in the first heat, who was absolutely fast since the first pedal stroke. The peloton then split in two major parts, which the first was composed of exactly six athletes who ride as fast as safe until the last lap’s bell played, as always, by the great director Antonio Vetrello. I have to mention that the course was absolutely amazing, it has a perfect balance of technics and fast straights, with a narrow but safe gripping lane asphalt, riding on this course gives the riders a way to increase their skills on the turns and at the hairpin, all this stuff with a total sense of safety. This spot is located in Rho, in the West side of Milan, so, this could become a nice alternative of the legendary Lambro park, in order to have a great calendar of fixedgear events for the next season.