Fixed Gear Crit

SBSB Crit won by Sauri and Seubert

2 weeks ago the SBSB Crit (Standert Bicycles Stone Brewing) was held in Berlin. On a rainy day it were Sami Sauri and Timon Seubert who showed that they could deal with wet cobble stones the best and went home with the win.
Photography: Constantin Gerlach

Women’s podium
1. Sami Sauri – The Legor Enve Unicorn
2. Marion Dziwnik – Maloja Pushbikers
3. Sofie Mangertseder – Maloja Pushbikers

Men’s Podium
1. Timon Seubert – Suicycle Track Team
2. Nico Keinath – Suicycle Track Team
3. Stefan Schot – 8bar