Fixed Gear Crit

San Rafael Sunset Fixed Gear Crit 2017 won by Flores & Williamson

Past Saturday, 29 men and women lined up for the first ever track bike race at the San Rafael Sunset Criterium, one of the most competitive geared races on the West Coast. With a hill that hat to be taken each lap the circuit was very challenging especially for fixed gear bikes. It was this infamous hill that took its toll quickly splintering the field. A lead group of seven men formed while the women were interspersed throughout.

Evelyn Williamson (Shespoke Racing) showed the strength that has thus far been limited to the track, handily beating Veronika Volok (ELF Huez) and Smaish Ketchum (PFCycyles/Bicycle Coffee) as well as taking all the primes.

The afore-mentioned hill – and thus gearing choice – proved to be the deciding factor in the men’s race. Adrian Flores (Austinbikes) chose correctly and turned in a commanding performance, appearing calm and in control the entire race. He edged out Jerry Rios (Throme Cycles / TWFSL) and Hector Morales (FHTN Leader Bikes) by a fraction of a second for the win. Zach “Still a Fixie at Heart” Morvant (The Heavy Pedal) and Manuel “I’d Rather be Skating” Barra (FHTN Leader Bikes) finished out the top five.

In addition to prize money, both Williamson and Flores took home the San Rafael Sunset Crit champion wrestling belt.

Podium Women
1. Evelyn Williamson – Shespoke Racing
2. Veronika Volok – ELF Huez
3. Smaish Ketchum – PFCycyles/Bicycle Coffee

Podium Men
1. Adrian Flores – Austinbikes
2. Jerry Rios – Throme Cycles / TWFSL
3. Hector Morales – FHTN Leader Bikes