Fixed Gear Crit

Rookies for Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.11 Women’s

Every year riders that have proved themselves in other cycling disciplines come in and try their luck in Red Hook Criterium. This year is no different. We highlighted 2 RHC ‘rookies’ in the women’s field that might do wel and could even surprise to whole peloton.
Text: Brian Megens

Tegan Cochrane – Stanridge p/b Roley Poley
Tegan is a Canadian pro track cyclist and multiple National Champion who has besides amazing power also serious bike skills. In Mission Crit she made her debut in fixed gear crit racing but because of a mechanical problem, someone rode some spokes out of her wheel, she couldn’t finish the race. However, for RHC Brooklyn No.11 we expect her to be a serious contender for the established fixed gear crit riders.

Nicole Mertz – The Meteor // Hey Allez!
Nicole is a road racer from The Meteor road team who joined Ash Duban’s The Meteor // Hey Allez! fixed gear crit team. Mission Crit 5 was her first fixed gear crit and she raced to a very impressive 3rd place. However, Red Hook Criterium is a whole other level but she definitely has the power and seems to be adjusting quickly to fixed gear crit racing!

Poppy Thompson – Love & Rockets – Basso
Strictly speaking, Thompson is not a RHC rookie. However, she only made 1 appearance in a Red Hook Crit, and nailed RHC London No.3 with a 6h place. As the rain made it super hard for newcomers, her 6ht place is very promising for the RHC Brooklyn No.11 race!