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Rider in the Spotlight, Jasmine Dotti: I was about to stop racing entirely then I tried fixed gear crit racing

Cycling is a family affair for Jasmine Dotti, you could say that her passion started before even being born, feeling her father racing while still in her mother’s womb. And certainly it took – from Jasmine’s point of view – way too long for her parents finally put her on a bike aged 9. Since then it has been a life of cycling, racing road and cyclocross, winning regional titles and getting close to the podium on nationals, with a few stints at the track as well. But a number of injuries have stopped this fast woman from achieving much more. With 4 podiums and 7 top-ten finishes at Red Hook Crit since 2015, there’s no question she’s a legitimate contender for the win.
Text: Michele Colucci / vimeo: michele colucciinstagram: mikelone77


Who or what made you try fixed gear crits? And what was your first race?
My first was Red Hook Crit Milan in 2015. Luca Oscar (Bike Channel Team) literally threw me in it after insisting for the entire season, trying to convince me to race it when I was always resisting. I was actually about to stop racing entirely when I decided to give it a try.

Do you prefer technical courses where speed isn’t the main concern, or the opposite?
I prefer technical courses by far, those where you need to drive at stay focused. Anyone can race on a straight line. I believe races only get more spectacular when the technical level is increased.

Apart from the race what is the aspect you love the most about fixed gear criterium?
That there are not too any restrictions. And that you get to meet people from all over the world building friendships even if we get together only 4 times a year.

What is the most important component in a breakless fixed gear bike, in your opinion? Wheels, frame or what?
The head and the legs of who rides it.

Do you have any particular good luck ritual before a race?
Way too many, but I’ll tell you at the end of the season…bad luck if I tell you now! :))

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vimeo: michele colucci
instagram: mikelone77