Fixed Gear Crit

Rider in spotlight Q&A: Alvise Zanasca “Sport is built on victories and defeats and Brooklyn was archived as a defeat”

Fueled by a passion that permeates his entire family, Alvise’s cycling career begins back in 2000 as a talented kid. That same passion got him back to amateur racing a year after quitting competitive cycling as a Junior. It was Omar Presti – a friend who raced Red Hook Crits – who convinced him to try fixed gear crits, knowing he had potential due to his many achievements on the track. We spoke with him before (click here) the RHC season started. What are his thoughts now, after Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.10?

Text: Michele Colucci from Dead Cyclists Society

Last time you shared with us thoughts about the new qualifying format for RHC, believing it might be a bit too stressful for athletes compared to the previous system. Now that you’ve experienced it, what do you think?
It was really stressful. Now it’s a race with actual points for the championship and considering this year’s increased level it makes a great difference. The risks too have increased.

A sum-up of Brooklyn No.10. What did / didn’t work out as expected?
Sport is built on victories and defeats and Brooklyn was archived as a defeat. Sadly, my teammates Riccardo and Andrea crashed during qualifying (as I said, risks have increased). Giovanni crashed half-way through the finals, Filippo too with just one lap to go…I’m not looking for excuses here, but we’ve been quite unlucky. We’ll definitely do better in London.

The crit calendar leading to RHC London on July 22nd is literally packed with races, what’s on your agenda, apart from Italy are you going to race other crits in Europe?
Not a crit but the 42km Rad Race in Berlin is on June 18th, can’t deny I’ve already highlighted that on my calendar!

In 2016 you were racing a carbon frame, this year you’re riding aluminum. What’s your opinion on both materials?
I believe carbon and aluminum aren’t that far away now, technology has made giant leaps. There’s no breaks on a fixed gear so a very reactive frame is a must. Ridewill’s frame is just excellent for these crits!

What is the crit race you love the most attending other than Red Hook Crit?
My favourite is the tiny yet great Nabrezina NoSePol Crit in Trieste, Italy. It’s the atmospere, the sheer carisma, the organizers’ passion for fixed gears and the fact it’s real FUN and unique with its post-race stop in a traditional countryside farm. Alessandro Trevisan, Aldo Cecchet, Alessandro Faccio, Enrico Bernardi, Michele Colucci and the whole Friuli bunch are just a few of the people I’d like to thank.

What are your expectations for RHC London No.3?
We’re keeping the bar high, we want to win.