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Red Hook Crit 2016 top contenders for RHC BK 10: Alvise Zanasca

With RHC BK 10 fast approaching, we asked several RHC 2017 top contenders that are competing in Brooklyn how their season is going, what they expect of the race, themselves, and what they think of the new qualification format. Filippo Fortin is followed up by his team mate, Alvise Zanasca who took 4th place in the RHC 2016 GC and will keep representing Bahumer Racing in this season.

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Video: Michele Colucci

How do you prepare for RHC BK10?
This winter I approached the gym sessions with usual bike training. Now I’m doing some specific training with my Ridewill.

How is your season going so far?
I think my season will start directly on April 29 in Brooklyn.

What do you think of the new qualifications system?
I think it’s so good for the show. This system is much nicer to follow for spectators.  But for athletes i think is a bit too stressful than the previous system. Top athletes will qualify to the Super pole, however, does not think it necessary to waste precious energy to win the Super pole. I’m so curious to try this system… we will certainly try to qualify the whole team to be strong in the final.

Is your race tac-tics affected by the new qualification system? -How do you think that the race is affected by the new qualification system?
I think the race is not affected by the new qualification system. Sure you need to try to qualify on the top 30 positions but it is clear and this not depends by the qualification system. if you have the legs, you have no problems.

What is the goal for RHC BK10?
Last year a victory was my dream. This year is a priority.

What is the goal for RHC 2017 series?
After the result of last year I will aim higher

Alvise Zanasca from Michele Colucci on Vimeo