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Revo Racing, a new promising team born out of friendship

A while ago we published the news that world-class fixed gear rider Keira McVitty will prioritise her UCI road career above fixed gear crit racing for 2017. However, she also told us that she will be racing fixed gear crits whenever her race calendar allows her. The team she will represent is the new fixed gear crit team Revo Racing. Besides Keira, the team will consist out of the Lewis brothers, Tobias and Lewis, and Jeremy Santucci. Next to the riders, Caro Paulette will be involved in the management whenever her busy schedule allows her. We spoke with William to find more about the team, how it came about, and the 2017 goals.

Header Image: Caro Paulette

The Lewis Brothers photo by Caro Paulette

On the question how the team came about William answers “We had the idea of creating a team of friends, with riders that chose to be together and that can work together, have fun, laugh, and at the same time perform. We consider that winning and the top performance is not only about having the best riders in one team, it is about having people that will willingly sacrifice their own performance in order for the team to get higher, and what’s best for that than actual family and very close friends?”

Lewis and Santucci, next year team mates Photo: Roman Siromakha

Regarding the 2017 goals “Have fun, enjoy all the races. Obviously we have to make it all into the final on every occasion. But we have bigger goals in aiming for top tens and top fives. Scoring points consistently in order to put the team in the standings, and make the sponsors proud! Our team is set to be still there in 2018 and the next years, so it will be important to secure other contracts and attract new riders that would be interested in our philosophy and would like be part of the family.”

Although Keira will be the only woman in the peloton for the team, William does not think it is too much of a disadvantage for her, “we consider that the lone rider racing strategy will suit her perfectly, especially as the new qualifying format has been implemented, team will have less of its importance in order to reach the finals!”

Keira McVitty RHC BCN by

The team is sponsored by Chari&Co, G-Shock, Selle San Marco, Rotor cranks, Weis, Mission Workshop, the whole 3T group, Spinonthese wheels, Giro, and the clothing is taken care off by LeCoqSportif.

That the team has the potential to achieve some great results is clear. The only question remains is what Jeremy Santucci will come up with this year to surprise everyone from within and outside the scene.