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‘Retired cyclist’ Angus Morton signs with Specialized/Rocket-Espresso

Australian living in America, Angus Morton will represent team Specialized/Rocket-Espresso in the 2018 season. The career path of Angus is quite remarkable. After three years, from 2008 until 2010, of riding on the professional UCI Continental level for Drapac Porsche, Angus retired from professional cycling. However, he made a comeback in 2015 and until 2017 he represented UCI Continental team Jelly Belly Maxxis. Despite announcing his second retirement from professional cycling last January, he will write a new chapter in his remarkable cycling career by joining team Specialized/Rocket-Espresso for the Red Hook Criterium series and possibly other fixed gear crits. Besides cycling, Angus is a filmmaker and started the podcast Discbreaks. The transfer of Angus to Specialized/Rocket-Espresso was announced through the Podcast Save the Track Bike. Who thinks that Specialized/Rocket-Espresso is complete now is wrong, another big signing will be made public soon!

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I hesitate to use the word retirement as that suggests it’s all coming to an end and for me racing my bike for a living was only a very privileged but small part of what the bike and my life is so let’s just call it hanging up the race wheels. I made the decision quite a while ago but it seemed narcissistic to make an announcement about it publicly (which it’s perhaps surprising to some) however I’ve come to realize that what I got to experience in this sport had nothing to do with me, and that not saying something would be incredibly selfish. Everything I got to experience lies with Danny Van Haute, Matty Rice, The entire Jelly Belly team, my parents, family and my little brother Lachlan. It was them who gave me the opportunity to come back to a sport when I didn’t deserve it, the opportunity to do something incredibly special with people I love and to experience perhaps the greatest moments in my life. The past three years has given me a family so much larger than I deserve and Its overwhelming and perplexing as to why It happened to me, but I am incredibly grateful. To everyone else who’s helped along the way and to those who reached out since I made the call Thank you guys.

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