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Red Hook Trip by Brian Safa screens tomorrow 12 May

Brian Wagner aka ‘Safa’ was back to race Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.11. With several attacks at the front and a 17th place he made it an impressive ‘comeback’. Tomorrow he will screen his ‘Red Hook Trip’, a visual experience with the focus on the Red Hook Crit peloton. Screenings are planned tomorrow in several cities. We talked with Brian to find out more about the project, why his ‘recap’ is different to others, and in which cities the screenings will take place.

“Red Hook Trip is a ‘recap’ of the latest edition of the Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn. I put recap in quotes because it’s not a traditional recap, but it is the full race from start to finish. Since I started with the popular play by play recaps of the crit in 2015 the Internet has filled up with recaps that all look for the most part very similar. The difference with this film is that it is a visual experience, not a focus on the individual riders, moves, or results.”

“The focus is on the peloton as a whole, and how all the riders move together as one messy, but functional unit. It is still interesting to notice certain players at certain times during the film and how different people move up and back through the group, but names and numbers take a back seat.”

“The music that backs up the visuals is a mix of lofi hip-hop, trap remixes, phonk stuff that lends itself to the viewer forgetting about the race in a traditional sense and being transported into a new and changing environment as the visual effects take over the regular pictures.”

“Maybe all that sounds like this is some serious project, but really it’s just a good video to chill out to with whatever you prefer to take the edge off. I do strongly suggest people try and see this on a big screen, a computer or phone really isn’t the same experience.”

The easiest way to find out more is to follow posts on my Instagram or Facebook for links to each city’s event.

If you can set up a last minute screening in your city please reach out to me via my IG or FB.

There are screenings in the following cities this Saturday:
– Mexico City
– New York
– Guadalajara
– Ciudad Juárez
– San Luis Potosí
– Monterrey
– Torreón
– Bogotá
– Cali