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Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8 recap through Instagram

The Red Hook Criterium 2017 Series is done and dusted. We selected Instagram posts which show how awesome Red Hook Criterium Milan No.8 was!
Header Image: Chris Leustean

Some eat bananas before the race

Bikes were all ready for RHC Milan No.8 to start

Not only bikes

And Eike Haumann was also back in the RHC circus

Stefan Schafer had to defend his title wearing No.13

Some are already out before their race started

Some are out after the first corner

#81 needs to read our article on how to glue tubes

Rest, and save energy

The Specialized-Rocket Espresso train looked good in Heat No.2

Heat No.3 wasn’t won by Ivan Cortina but RHC BCN 5 winner David van Eerd

Same for the Bahumer train in heat No.4

All GC favourites won the qualification heats

Beautiful sunset just before the Last Chance Race

The fans, well they were there, loads of them

New bell for the finals

The women before the final

Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8 winner Maria Sperotto

Women’s podium

Ignazio Moser was there to support his teammate Vigano

The Duo break-away couple

Mariani and Cortina entertained the crowds

They stole the show

The Specialized-Rocket Espresso train was fast, but not fast enough to get Cortina and Mariani back

The race from a different angle

Ivan Cortina taking the win in Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8

Awesome to see that Bahrain-Merida supports Ivan Cortina in racing RHC

Women’s top-10

Men’s top-10

Davide did more than enough to win the Red Hook Criterium 2017 Championship Series

Aventon Factory Team took the Team GC in both the men’s and women’s

Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8 Podium

Ready to celebrate the season

Some are off for holidays, others still have to work

For most riders the season is done and dusted

Milano, we will be back