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Red Hook Crit London No.3 recap via Instagram

Red Hook Criterium London No.3 is a wrap. We selected some Instagram posts that reflect the day perfectly!
Text: Brian Megens
Header Image: David Trimble

It was good to see Louis Legon cheering for his Disorderly Habits team mates

Red Hook Criterium London No.3 had special numbers to commemorate Nico Oury who passed away earlier this year in a car accident when going home from Toulouse to Lyon after winning a fixed gear crit

Of course there were plenty of photographers present to show how awesome the crit was

London also didn’t disappoint weather wise

It didn’t only rain water but also flat tires. Here’s how David van Eerd combines both

As Aldo Ino Ilesic wasn’t racing, the Specialised-Rocket Espresso team had to do it without their captain

Heat results were as follows:
Men’s field:
Heat 1: Brian Megens –
Heat 2: Alvise Zanasca – Bahumer
Heat 3: Giovanni Longo – Bahumer
Heat 4: Olivier Leroy – Aventon Factory Team
Heat 5: Filippo Fortin – Bahumer

Women’s field:
Heat 1: Eleonore Saraiva – Aventon Factory Team
Heat 2: Raphaele Lemieux – IBike

Series leader Stefan Schäfer took 7th in his qualifying session #redhookcrit #rhcl3 ph. @tornanti_cc

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Dani King started as the big favourite after lapping almost the entire field on her own last year

However, in the end it was Raphaela Lemieux who went home with the victory in Red Hook Crit No.3. She won both her heat and the final

Of course Mr. Trimble arranged some pre-race entertainment

Pre-race entertainment #redhookcrit #rhcl3 ph. @tornanti_cc

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Filippo Fortin from Bahumer wouldn’t only win his heat, he would also take the victory in the final, starting from Pole Position due to the cancelled Super Pole and fastest heat time

Pole sitter / race winner #redhookcrit

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Favourite in the men’s field Stefan Schafer had to leave the race early due to, one of the many, flat tires that occurred in the race

Also Specialized – Rocket Espresso teammate Eamon Lucas wasn’t lucky as he crashed but was able to continue the race in the back of the field

Davide Vigano tried to get off the front several times. On the straights everyone had a hard time fighting themselves back up to his wheel. However, it was in the corners where Davide lost his strength advantage

#redhookcrit #fixedgear #fixie #beer #london #cinelli #specialized #fixedgearcrit

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Filippo Fortin wins Red Hook Crit London No.3

Filippo Fortin! @tornanti_cc #redhookcrit

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Women’s podium:
1. Raphaela Lemieux – IBike
2. Eleonore Saraiva – Aventon Factory Team
3. Jasmine Dotti – IRD

Men’s podium:
1. Filippo Fortin -Bahumer
2. Davide Vigano – Team Cinelli-Chrome
3. Alec Briggs – Specialised-Rocket Espresso

Well done to all the @redhookcrit riders who stayed upright at tonight races! . #rhc #redhookcrit #podium

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Prize winners bike

@redhookcrit specialized langster pro. Prize for the winner of refhookcrit london no 3.

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Bahumer won the battle in the men’s field. However, they did not win the war.

After the serious part, the fun could begin at the RHC afterparty!

The end is always the same… partyyyyyyyy!!! #redhookcrit #redhooklondon

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What a day we had yesterday. Unfortunately this was the only brief spell of sunshine we endured but rain was never going to stop @redhookcrit and dampen all our spirits. . We would like to say a huge thanks to @david_august_trimble and all the organisers at RHC for putting on such an incredible show, and allowing our magazine to be a part of that. And thank you all for the kind words on all our hard work. Enjoy the read. #tdv1 #rhcl3 . 📸@mattbenstone . . . . . . #tdv1 #thedomestiquemag #thedomestiquecc #tdcc #redhookcrit #rhcl3 #fixie #fixielife #fixedgear #sockdoping #bikeporn #fromwhereiride #outsideisfree #roadslikethese #londoncycling #critweek #critlife #bikelife #strava #stravacycling #instabike #cyclingshots #cyclingpics #cyclingmagazine #thedomestiquemagazine

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With Red Hook Criterium London No.3 being history, focus moves to Red Hook Criterium Barcelona No.5