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Red Hook Crit 2016 top contenders for RHC Brooklyn 10: Francisca Campos

With RHC BK 10 approaching, we asked several RHC 2016 top contenders that are competing in Brooklyn how their season is going, what they expect of the race, themselves, and what they think of the new qualification format. In this edition we spoke to Francisca Campos who got a 4th place in RHC London No.2
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How do you prepare for RHC BK10?
I start training in January making some kms. In February I made specific strength workouts on the gym and in March I start racing. I made some specific training on the velodrome and also I use sometimes the fixed gear bike commuting to work to keep the technique.

How is your season going so far?
It`s going quite well, with a fixie podium in Rad Race in Berlin. That was more technical and tactical race, but gives me good confidence for the rest of the season. Then, I start racing again in Mountain Bike Cross Country, and I have made 4 races. This year I´m in a new Fixed gear squadra, “Santafixie-BLB Team”, and we are planning to race also in different countries in Europe.

What do you think of the new qualifications system?
It´s look safer, but also I will require race more: (last year was twice and this year 3 times if you get in front).

Is your race tac-tics affected by the new qualification system?
Actually, I haven´t plan yet the race tac-tic. It will be important to recover well between races and make your best on the final.

How do you think that the race is affected by the new qualification system?

I think last year team squads had an advantage to do a good qualification. And this year, it will be more individual in terms of the qualification. We will have to see. For sure the first riders will have an advantage to start in the front, and fight better for the prime price in the final race.

What is the goal for RHC BK10?
I think I`m in good shape but you don´t really know until you´re in the race. I´m looking forward to make a better result than last year (I finished 11th).  Already I am excited and a little nervous.

What is the goal for RHC 2017 series?
Every year new contenders are coming, some professional road and track riders. The level is increasing, but it’s a good motivation to train even harder. It’s never gets easier. You just get closer. Last season I finished 9th overall. This year I will have more experience, and it would be nice to keep that TOP ten on the ranking, and even try to fight for a podium.