Fixed Gear Crit

Red Hook Crit 2016 top contenders for RHC Brooklyn 10: David van Eerd

With RHC BK 10 approaching quickly, we asked several RHC 2016 top contenders that are competing in Brooklyn how their season is going, what they expect of the race, themselves, and what they think of the new qualification format. In this edition we briefly talked with Dutchman David van Eerd who only raced two Red Hook Crits but both with a top 10 result, 7th in RHC BCN no4, and 9th in RHC MLN no7 about his thoughts for RHC BK 10.


How do you prepare for RHC BK10?
I’ve been quite busy with studying/work over the winter but managed to maintain my fitness with some strength training and a few hard interval sessions every week.

How is your season going so far?
I did a few local road crits in March and then started the fixed gear season in the NL Crit Series. Overall I’m pretty happy with my current form, though I’m still lacking a bit of snap in the legs, hoping to find that in the next few weeks.

What do you think of the new qualifications system?
I really like it. For me it always takes a few laps to get into full-on race mode, so the old qualification system where you need to go balls out instantaneously didn’t feel natural to me. This format will be safer, and it’s nice that riders who don’t qualify still get to do a real race. Also, the last chance race winner starting in a good position is a cool feature, winning a race is never easy so it’s fair to reward this.

Is your race tac-tics affected by the new qualification system?
I don’t think so, the goal is still to secure the best possible starting place for the final, so it’s still a case of being focused and giving it your best shot.

How do you think that the race is affected by the new qualification system?
It may be a bit more fatiguing, so it may harder for riders with less endurance, though I don’t think it will affect the final much.

What is the goal for RHC BK10?
My first 2 Red Hooks didn’t go perfect with a small crash in Barcelona and a last row qualification in Milano, so with an optimal race I’m hoping to battle for the podium.

What is the goal for the RHC 2017 series?
I’m taking things race by race, but this year I’m planning to do the full series, so I’m curious to see how I stack up.