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Red Hook Crit 2016 contenders for RHC Brooklyn 10: Marius Petrache

With RHC BK 10 approaching quickly, we asked several RHC 2016 top contenders that are competing in Brooklyn how their season is going, what they expect of the race, themselves, and what they think of the new qualification format. In this edition we spoke to Marius Petrache who took a very decent 6th spot in the RHC 2017 Series GC.


How do you prepare for RHC BK10?
In December I was in a 2 days velodrome training camp in Bulgaria and except that, I did specific cycling training in the gym, on the trainer/spinning and on the road. In 2017, I started with a 10 days training camp in Turkey where I got sick and all the training was to waste but after a few weeks I went in a road cycling tour- Alexander the Great, in Greece where I did pretty decent despite the lack of training and power. With 2 weeks before RHCBK10, I had a road race and this weekend I will race a mountain-bike race, just 2 days before I’ll go to NY.

How is your season going so far?
Now I can’t say I’m in top shape but I feel good and can’t wait to be at the start line!

What do you think of the new qualifications system?
I think it’s better just because will be something more for the spectators and also will be better/more chances for others to qualify. On the other hand, in a race anything can happen (could be crashes, big group escape) and besides that it’s the part that practically we will have 2 races in one day so the effort will be more intense and I guess that will change the final results.

Is your race tac-tics affected by the new qualification system?
I hope not. Like I said before, I’m worried more about crashes and not to get too much tired before the final race.

How do you think that the race is affected by the new qualification system?
I think the race will be as spectacular as it was every time but with some extra show during the day with this qualification system!

What is the goal for RHC BK10?
As last year I’ve lost many positions because I crashed in the first hairpin of the last lap and  I’ve finished on 24th position, for sure, like everyone else, first place is on my mind but we’ll see how it goes.

What is the goal for RHC 2017 series?
Our goal is winning as many races as possible and automatically winning the championship. Being team mates with Colin and Stefan, we need to keep the title Colin won last year! Not saying that last years was easier, because it wasn’t, but for sure this year it’s going to be true madness and chaos, a true hustle because all of the top riders announced this year.