Fixed Gear Crit

Rad Race Oostende Crit

Rad Race planned a crit in Oostende, a small city located at the Belgium coast on a 2.900m course with panoramic views. On saturday the qualification was held, around 60 guys and 10 girls showed up. Less then expected, but that was just because of the RHC in Barcelona. A lot of riders signed up for both of the races. Nevertheless the atmosphere between the riders and the spectators was great and fast with an average speed of 46km/h.
Text & Photography: Nils Leangner

Sunday was finals day, Stefan Reimer (Team Fixedpott) who road his last fixed gear crit at least 1,5 years ago, made his comeback. Before his break, he was listed as one of the top 10 rider for the RHC in Barcelona. He was on the radar of the other antagonists. Ben Schnabel and Fritz Ferner (Team Rad Pack) started an attack to get a breakaway right at the beginning. And like yesterday the other teammates controlled the peloton. From a tactical point of view it was just brilliant from a racing point of view it was at least questionable. But two riders didn’t wanted to give up, so the worked a lot to bring the field closer to the two guys in front. But in the end Fritz Ferner and Ben Schnabel could not be caught anymore. So it was a all about the third place. It ended up with a mass sprint, won with a gab of a frame by Stefan Reimer (Team Fixepott):

Women Race (qualify and final) was won by German rider, Janine Bubner. She won both races with a solid breakaway in the last few laps. Colnot Jonnemei came in 2nd while Gery-Frioud Caroline got the last spot in the podium.

Podium Men’s
1. Fritz Ferner
2. Ben Schnabel
3. Stefan Reimer

Podium Women’s
1. Janine Bubner
2. Colnot Jonnemei
3. Gery-Frioud Caroline