Fixed Gear Crit

Pro Crit Racer Justin Williams AKA The Answer/The Great American Hope is back again for Red Hook Criterium Barcelona

One of the best road crit racers of the US, and UCI continental rider for Cylance Cycling, Justin Williams, is back to race a Red Hook Crit as he registered for Red Hook Criterium Barcelona No.5. So far, Justin Williams only participated in RHC Barcelona No.3 and No.4 in which he made his debut in 2015 with a 74th place. Last year, he entered as the proclaimed ‘answer’ to Colin Strickland’s domination. However, Justin could not play a role in the race and had to settle for 33th place. Despite the fact that Justin hasn’t been able to be a factor in any Red Hook Criterium he participated in, his capabilities as a cyclist cannot be denied and it will be interesting to see if Justin can be a factor in this years’ race as with the statement “Let’s see what will happen when I actually train for this (…) #thegreatamericanhope” it seems that Justin finally takes his RHC preparations seriously and also that he hasn’t lost his confidence.
Header Image: Brian Vernor