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Photography ‘Back to the Roots’ at Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8 by Ivan Mudingo

Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8 is in the books. In the next weeks we will look back on it through the lens of some amazing photographers. They will show us a recap of the race, or maybe just a small part of it. The photographers have total artistic discretion and show us the race through their eyes. This time it is Disorderly Habits team manager Ivan Mudingo who shows us his photography project ‘Back to the Roots’ from Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8.
Photos: Ivan Mudingo

“I just needed to let go. Let go and wonder outside of the digital process who trapped me and sanitised me in a polychrome comfort zone box that had become monotone. Going back to the roots, to what is essential, the basic skills, chasing shadows and lights, facing the origin of symmetry, shoot with spontaneity but wait, wait, wait to be surprised. – I lived Milano 8 through my lens like if it was my first time, and found myself please to see how imperfect the result was.”