Fixed Gear Crit

Photography at Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8 ‘Turn 3’ by Gophrette Power

Red Hook Criterium Milano No.8 is in the books. In the next weeks we will look back on it through the lens of some amazing photographers. They will show us a recap of the race, or maybe just a small part of it. The photographers have total artistic discretion and show us the race through their eyes. Today we kick it off with Cédric Bonel, the Canadian based photographer better known in the scene as Gophrette Power. With his photography work he takes us to turn 3.
All photos: Gophrette Power

“I lay down under several fences, climbed on the roof of the Politecnico di Milano and walked around the course three times without really finding satisfactory angles. Unlike the other RHC Series chapters, I had a little trouble getting into the mood of this one. Probably due to the really urban background, in the heart of the Bovisa district. The access between the start/finish line and the rest of the track can only be done by walking a lot. I had to make a decision : Stay close to the pit and the start/finish line to have some action/social-shots or find one/two hot spots in the other side of the track… I finally chose the second option. It was at the turn no.3 that I put my gear on the ground and started to be productive. Here is a selection of images taken where the athletes faces passed very close to the fences … Really, really close. Enjoy!! 
ps : At the end of this article, don’t forget to lean your head in the other side.”