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Open Call: State Bicycle Company on the hunt for new team riders for 2018

We are very proud to announce that in cooperation with State Bicycle Company we can host an open call for riders to become a State Bicycle Company team member in 2018!
Text: Brian Megens

State Bicycle Company is one of the fixed gear crit teams with the longest history of the pack as its foundation dates back to 2011. The shiny blue skin suit became one of the most familiar kits in the peloton. This year, Addison Zawada, team manager and rider for State, got his best performance in a Red Hook Crit so far with a 6th place in Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.10. However, other RHC’s were skipped by the team, but for an excellent reason as we know today that the team needed time to restructure and rebuild for the 2018 season. Despite the restructuring, the team still managed to win both the men’s and women’s GC in the Fyxation Open Series. For next year the ambition of the team is high with the Red Hook Crit Series being in the planning alongside other national and international fixed gear crits. With partners like Bell Helmets, Endura Clothing, Essor Wheels, Vittoria Tires, and Joystick confirmer the team will be supplied with top notch material.  We talked briefly with Addison Zawada and Mehdi Farsi, the co-founder of State, so you know what the team is all about, what the requirements are to apply for the team, and of course how you can apply! 

Why should people want to be part of the State Bicycle Co. 2018 team?
We support our athletes to the best of our ability and look to promote not only our supporters but our athletes as well as the youth of cycling. We want cycling to grow larger and more accessible to everyone. State Bicycle Company is known for going outside the box. We as a team are notorious for partying, being the class clowns, and collaborations with odd companies, but now we want to add being the fastest kooks on the block to that. So in short, we are looking for top-tier athletes, men and women that have the ability to ride in the top 10/15 at a Red Hook Criterium, an approachable and fun personality. We have many companies to represent so we need good representatives. Do you have what it takes to do just that?

How many riders are you looking for?
We are accepting invitations for the men and women’s team, right now we have up to 2 open spots for each but we are willing to take on more should we get qualified riders. Please note that applications must have prior fixed-gear crit experience or be a Pro/1/2 level rider on the road or in other cycling disciplines.

The application is open to all men and women (Update: Deadline passed). 

A tip from us (FGC): make your application an original one, one that stands out from the rest, one that shows that you can be the ‘class clown’, ‘fastest cook’, and ‘approachable and fun personality’.

We at see this Open Call as a fantastic opportunity for all talented riders that are eagerly looking for a world-class team. Of course, we will keep you updated on the developments regarding the 2018 State Bicycle Company Team!