Fixed Gear Crit

One Lap To Go, Photobook by Chiara Redaschi

Chiara Redaschi is a 26 year old fashion and sports photographer based in Novara, Italy and well-known in the fixed gear crit scene. She just released the photo book ‘One Lap To Go’ wherein the 2016 Red Hook Crits series are covered. Chiara, who is a photographer since 2014, got introduced to the Red Hook Crits in Milano No.3 in 2012 when she was there as a spectator. Two years later, she took her first RHC photos in Barcelona No.2. In the photobook, Chiara shows life at the Red Hook Crits, from the spectators, first qualifiers, to staff, and champions covers from Brooklyn to Milano.
The book has a very limited stock, get in contact with Chiara via her website to get your hands on one of these beauties! Here’s an impression of the photo book.

Photos: Chiara Redaschi “One Lap To Go”