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Onboard footage Aldo’s record lap at Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.10

Aldo Ino Ilesic from Specialized-Rocket Espresso impressed the whole field during RHC BK 10 when he finished 3rd leading the whole last lap. This result gets even more impressive when one takes into account that it looked like Aldo was taken out by the crash with Cesar Valenzuela. However, RHC decided to stop the race and do a restart due to the severity of Cesar’s condition, he was laying on the course bleeding heavily. This gave Aldo the opportunity to take part in the restart. Before this restart Aldo thought it was a good idea to chug a beer from a spectator, then he lined up for the restart and kicked it. Aldo actually went so fast that was unseen on the Brooklyn track resulting in a new track record which he set in the last lap. In the modern days of Red Hook Criterium this is a unique achievement. Our friends form RHC were so kind to provide us with the whole onboard footage of Aldo’s Ino Ilesic’s record lap. Jump an board and be amazed!

Aldo on the record lap:
“I wasn’t in much pain after the crash actually, and I didn’t realise that the cut was that big. I just took the beer out of the hands of the spectator and chugged it. David asked me if I was fine which probably already was a sign that my cut was bigger than I thought. Once the restart was there I actually only focussed on brining Alec in the position to sprint. After I noticed that my team mates weren’t in the front, so it came down to me to get that last podium spot. I did what I do best, kick it in the last lap. I had no clue how fast I was going, I was only focussed on how I could make each turn as fast as possible and how I could keep the riders behind me. I only hoped that people wouldn’t come over me. Records are there to be broken.”

Aldo moving up in the field after the restart:

Aldo moments after his record lap enjoying the victory of teammate Stefan Schaefer