Fixed Gear Crit

NL Crit Series enters Dutch Post-Tour Crit circus

This week, the NL Crit Series announced that they will organise a fixed gear race in the programme of the Draai van de Kaai. The Draai van de Kaai is one of the many famous Dutch post-tour pro crits featuring the stars of the last Tour de France which then ended a week prior to the event. It will be an invitation race wherein top international and Dutch fixed gear crit riders will showcase the sport in front of the crowds of the Draai van de Kaai. Around 15  thousand people show up every year to see their Tour de France heros. The crit is positioned right after the women’s elite race and just before the pro race. Although the crit is organised by the NL Crit series, it will not be part of the GC. The Draai van de Kaai is always held on the 2nd Monday after the Tour de France which will be the 31st of July this year. More info on the crit coming soon in the interview that we will have with one of the crit organisers.

Photography: Christian Traets