Fixed Gear Crit

News: Jake Magee signs with Aventon Factory team “I’m intrigued by Jake’s motorcycle experience”

A couple of weeks ago we published a short article on Jake Magee, the former Australian motorcycle champion and elite crit racer in the US, who was looking for a fixed gear crit team that he could join in 2018. Today we can announce that he found a team, a world-class squad. Jake will be joining the Red Hook Crit Team Champions, the Aventon Factory team! We had a quick chat with friend of FGC and Aventon Factory team manager Sean Burke on the new addition.

“The Aventon Factory team is excited to welcome Australian rider Jake Magee to the team. Jake has raced as an elite road racer for several years, and this will be his first attempt at fixed gear criteriums. He’s also an Australian national motorcycle racing champion, so he has plenty of experience going to bar to bar at high speeds. Aventon Factory Team Director Sean Burke admits that Magee is an unknown quantity, but is willing to take the risk. “ I’ve seen other road criterium specialists dip their toes into fixed gear racing only to flounder, but I’m intrigued by Jake’s motorcycle experience, and I think it will be a big asset in these races.” In fact as the lead out man for Daniel Holloway, who struggled to find footing in fixed crits, Magee knows that road wins don’t necessarily guarantee fixed gear success, but he’s going to give it a shot. Burke continued “I took a chance with Strickland back in 2015 and he won RHC Milan fo Aventon, and Eleonore Saraiva was relatively unknown when we took her on in 2017. I’m hoping that Magee will also be a good bet”

RHC Milano no.8 podium

Magee’s first fixed gear race with be the Mission Crit in San Francisco where he’ll be joined by Teammates Santos, Howe, and Walker.