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National Moutarde Crit No.5 new qualification system explained

The National Moutarde Crit No.5 (NMC5) will be held upcoming weekend. A lot of world-class riders will be traveling to Dijon to fight for the 1st place. As the qualification system is totally different to last editions, we dove into it in order to clarify the NMC5 qualification system. In short, there will be a Time Trial (TT) followed by 5 heat races from which riders move on to A, B, or Super Final.

In the morning and around noon, the time trial will be held. The men’s race is split into 2 groups. While the women only do the TT and from there the starting grid for the final is made, the TT in the men’s race only serves to divide the field and create more or less equally hard heats. In the men’s heat races the first 10 qualify for the Super Final, numbers 11-23 qualify for the A Final, and the riders ending 24th – 36th will start in the B Final.

The B Final starts around 7pm, the A Final around 7.45pm, the Women’s Final around 8.30pm, and the Super Final will start around 9.15pm