Fixed Gear Crit

National Moutarde Crit 5 changes circuit, qualification, and introduces anti-doping tests

Over the years, the National Moutarde Crit (NMC) in Dijon evolved into the most competitive fixed gear crit in Europe outside the Red Hook Criterium series. This year will be the 5th edition and again it is expected that the level of the field is stronger compared to last editions. Almost the whole Aventon Factory Team that went to RHC BCN5 registered, a whole Dutch enclave, including RHC BCN 5 winner David van Eerd, Robin Gemperle from Switzerland, some strong riders from Spain, and a lot of competitive French riders will find their way to Dijon this weekend. We spoke briefly with race director Maxime Poisson from Sportunit on what changed to last editions.

The new course

“The format of the qualifications (Time Trial, Heats) will split the men field in 3 finales: only 50 male riders will go on the Super Final, the other riders will go on A Final or B Final.”

“One important thing, we have decided to set anti-doping rules with the help of the AFLD (Anti-doping French Agency) and tests will be held after the race for the riders who will finish 1rst, 2nd and 3rd in the Super Final and in the women’s race. It’s a big engagement for us because that represent 20% of our budget but we love our sport and we are sure that it’s important for the future of our sport”