Fixed Gear Crit

Moscow Raceway Criterium 2017 won by Lavrov and Antonova

Fixed gear crits are happening all around the world. The Moscow Raceway Criterium had its 3rd edition 2 weeks ago held at Moscow Raceway on a 1.3k circuit. The circuit is the part of FIM Superbike racing circuit with ideal pavement and a very technical section. In addition, it has some serious uphill parts which makes riders to gear down. The race benefitted greatly from professional race control, medical services and safety usual for permanent racing circuits. FixedGearMoscow community is the organizer of the event with the major help from Yakhnich Motorsport racing event organizer and promoter.
Photography: Pavel Volkov

80 fixed gear riders made their way to the circuit to compete divided over the men’s and women’s categories. The main race turned into a battle between the local squad “Moskovstyle” and Ukrainian Kiev based team “Yatagarasu.bikes”. As a result the podium was split between them.

In women’s category for the second time the 1st place was taken by Oksana Antonova. However, this year it was decided by a photo-finish. The 2nd and the 3rd places were taken by girls from Moscow and Kiev correspondingly.

Men’s race:
1. Eduard Lavrov – Russia / Moskovstyle
2. Maxim Reznichenko – Ukraine / Yatagarasu
3. Vladislav Yushko – Ukraine / Yatagarasu

Women’s race:
1. Oksana Antonova – Russia / Kazan
2. Victoria Vasilyeva – Russia / Moscow
3. Maria Kachalova – Ukraine / Yatagarasu