Fixed Gear Crit

Marius Petrache on the look out for a team

Marius Petrache, the Romanian fixed gear crit rider who is also active on the road and track, with 29 national titles and having represented the Romanian selection multiple times, is looking for a team to join in the 2018 season. In 2016 he represented Team Cinelli-Chrome but Petrache had to find another team as the squad went all Italian. In Colin Strickland‘s new team, Intelligentsia Racing, he found a top team for the 2017 season to be part of. Petrache had a very decent season as he was awarded Rockstar Top Antagonist in Red Hook Crit Brooklyn No.10, an overal 10th place in the Red Hook Crit General Classification, and a 7th place in Red Hook Crit London No.3. Despite being a top-10 year rider in the world over the last years, Marius is on the look out for a team for the second year in a row. Although he would love to stay with Intelligentsia Racing and this is still a possibility, Colin Strickland is negotiating the team budget with several partners making Petrache’s position in the 2018 squad unsure. Interested teams can get in touch with Marius through his Instagram account.
Text: Brian Megens