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Maloja Pushbikers enter Women’s field RHC

The Maloja Pushbikers made a remarkable move as they only registered 1 male rider, Alexander Muller, but 6 female riders, for RHC BK10. Considering that the team will make their debut in the women’s field, and won the last race, RHC MLN7, in the men’s field this change is quite surprisingly. Although the team will officially start their fixed gear crit season with BK10, riders already competed in several fixed gear crits. The team will come with a team presentation in the days prior to BK10, but we already had the chance to ask the team management, and some of the riders for RHC BK 10 about the opening of the RHC season and their team formation for it.

Photos: Drew Kaplan Photography

Maloja Pushbikers RHC BK10 registered riders:
Women: Lena Vogl, Bettina Eder, Janine Doring, Marion Dziwnik, Sabina Ossyra, Sofie Mangertsder
Men: Alexander Muller

Why are there so many girls in the Pushbikers Jersey?
The simple answer is that 6 young ladies decided to race together in order to bring the Maloja Pushbikers Philosophy into women’s cycling. Both Marion Dzwinik and Janine Döring are experienced fixed gear crit riders. Sabina Ossyra, Lena Vogl and Sofie Mangertseder are new in that scene but they have years of race experience on the road.

What are the goals for RHC BK10?
Brookly is a huge Event with lots of strong girls. Let’s see how far we can come. There are so many first times for us this year. All we can say right now is, that we are ready, excited and highly motivated for the RHC Series 2017.

Girls just wanna have fun

We also talked to Alexander Muller who is now the only registered male rider for the team in RHC BK10.

What are your expectations for RHC BK 10?
Curious to see how the new qualification mode for the final works. My goals are a top 30 qualification position and a top 20 in the final. Racing will probably look different compared to earlier years because of new teams with more manpower. Tactics will be even more important. Experience and the ability to read a race will be key for good results.

What are your expectations for the RHC 2017 Series?
My goal is to reach a top 20 result at every race oft he series. Top 10 or a podium are possible , especially if smaller groups get the chance to sneak away from the peloton. My strength is the punch in sprints. Also supporting the Maloja Pushbikers women’s team is one of my ambitions, but more on that during the official Maloja Pushbikers team presentation!