Fixed Gear Crit

Japanese Keirin specialist entering RHC BK10

With the application text “I am a seasoned Japanese Keirin professional racer. I have 21 years of experience as Keirin professional racer. Now I am in 1st group of A-class. I won over 200 Keirin races throughout my career. This is my first (RHC) challenge” Toshifumi Kodama raised a lot of attention. He was accepted to the Red Hook Crit Brooklyn No.10 field which will be his debut in fixed gear crit racing. We spoke briefly with the 42 year-old Keirin veteran to find out more about his background in middle distance track racing and his expectations for RHC BK No.10.

As a son of a Keirin professional it was natural to Toshifumi to become a professional track cyclist. Next to his cycling career he also owns a cycling shop 104 Cycle. For those expecting Toshifumi to race his steel traditional Keirin bike, they will be disappointed as “I know many people expecting me to ride NJS bike.  I’ll ride more competitive bike. It will be carbon bike sfiDARE Gr.B frame with Rondine wheels from my own bike shop 104 Cycle.” Toshifumi will ride under the team name sfiDARE Works.

Toshifumi tells us that despite no existing fixed gear crit scene in Japan, the interest and potential is huge making us hope that it is only a matter of time before the first fixed gear crit in Japan occurs. We wish Toshifumi a great welcome to the scene and are very excited to see him race in Brooklyn. Although Toshifumi has a lot of experience on a track bike, he realises that the cornering will give a whole new dimension to racing a fixed gear bike which makes any expectations prior to having raced one untenable.