Fixed Gear Crit

Italy, the first country to have a National Championship in fixed gear crit racing

On September 9 the first official national championship in fixed gear crit racing is going to take place. The country that will host it is Italy, the only country wherein the cycling federation recognised fixed gear crit racing as am official separate discipline in cycling. We spoke with Criterium Italia race director Claudio Bassi who, with his team, is responsible for the Italian fixed gear crit championship. To show the strength of the Italian fixed gear scene we’ll name a few teams that are expected to participate: Cykeln, Bahumer, Cinelli-Chrome, IRD, Urbe Roma, Desgena, Criterium Italy, Ravens, Brianza Racing Team, Acht Supply casati Rush, Vitamina Team, Bike Channel Team, and Supernova.

“It will be a historic day for Italian cycling and for a fixed gear as a cycling discipline. For the first time, the Italian Cycling Federation will award the first official tricolor jersey for fixed gear crit racing. This is an important recognition for the entire national movement, and for all riders who with their races have contributed to the growth of this sport. Before coming to this point, many hurdles had to be taken, mandatory steps imposed by the Italian Cycling Federation:
1) Creation of a federal regulation to participate in fixed shoots which was done in 2014.
2) After the creation and officialization of the regulation there are 3 years of federal activity before you have the opportunity to apply for the 1st Italian Championship. The race on Saturday September 9, 2017 takes place during the finals of the Criterium Italia trophy, after 4 years of hard work and 4 years of sporting activity, Criterium Italia trophy is the only fixed gear crit series recognized by the Italian federation. As it is an official national championship falling under the Italian Federation Championship rules, the race is only open to members of the Italian Cycling Federation.”

The programme is as follows:
City: Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma)
Timetable: from 2 pm to 8 pm
Urban category qualifications
Qualifying Women Women Pro
Qualifying Men’s Pro Final
Urban Finals
Women Pro (Finale Trofeo Criterium Italia and 1st Italian Federation Fixed Gear Championship)
Finals Pro Men Pro (Finale Trofeo Criterium Italia and 1st Italian Federation Fixed Gear Championship)