Fixed Gear Crit

How to get into fixed gear crit racing by Juliet Elliott

It has been 9 months since FGC went online. In these 9 months we focussed a lot on news regarding fixed gear crits, stories of top (and less known) riders, we interviewed race directors, announced races through articles and our Fixed Gear Crit calendar, and we published race reports and results. Behind the scenes we are working hard to get new partners, come with new series, and introduce another super cool feature (TBA soon) so we can take FGC to the next level.
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One of the things we have planned for the future is content geared more towards people who would love to race their first fixed gear crit, or cyclists that want to use this winter to step up their game for the upcoming season. We want to supply them with all the knowledge needed regarding nutrition, training, gear, and other practical tips. This series will be announced soon, but before we are even able to publish anything on this, Juliet Elliott, a well-known fixed gear crit racer and Youtuber, just published a video with super useful content on ‘How to get into fixed gear crit racing’ which we would love to share with you. For more videos of Juliet, visit her YT channel here. To find more about her, also read the Q&A we did with her a while ago.
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