Fixed Gear Crit

HolyCrit Brings Fixed Gear Criterium Racing to the Streets of Jakarta

HolyCrit announced their debut event in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, to be held on October 14. The event will be organised in conjunction with Westbike Messenger Service, a bike messenger collective based in the city. HolyCrit Jakarta will conclude Indonesia Fixed Day 2017, a day-long community event which includes a fixed gear freestyle (FGFS) competition, merchandise booths as well as performances by local bands and rappers. Following their debut race in Ipoh, Malaysia earlier this year, the race in Jakarta represents the next step forward for HolyCrit, as it strives to fulfill its ambition of becoming the pre-eminent fixed gear criterium series in Asia. “We’ve known guys from the fixed gear community in Indonesia for many years now, from their travels to races in Singapore, and we are glad to finally be able to bring our race to their home city. This event has been a long time coming,” said Zul Awab, founder and director of HolyCrit. “This event will be no ordinary bike race. This will be a day-long party. There’ll be local rappers and bands, stuff you don’t see at your usual criterium. It’s gonna be a lot of fun,” he added.

“It’s a well known fact that the fixed gear community in Asia is huge, and every community has its own unique identity. However, there hasn’t been much opportunities for the different communities in the region to connect, and that’s something we’d like to change,” added Saeful Hakim, HolyCrit’s race director. “It’s always been our goal to connect the Southeast Asian fixed gear community and bring together to race and hangout. Our previous events have seen more diverse fields of riders taking part, and we hope to make more friends from the fixed gear from across the globe in Jakarta.” he added. Early bird prices for the race start at IDR$150,000 (US$11). Registration can be done online at and the crit is added to our Fixed Gear Crit Calendar